Monday, December 16, 2013


Think Kit Day 16: Ah-ha! 

Wow, this was hard. I couldn't think of anything - until I looked at my Christmas tree. I remembered that I "discover" my tree ornaments every year. Unwrapping them always evokes so many emotions. Here are some of my favorites...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I've cheated on this one

Think Kit Day ??? (I've lost count): What makes you laugh out loud?

This. Because I love irony. It always makes me laugh. Always. And then sometimes I cry. But not this time.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

gimme a break

Think Kit Day 11: Try something new!

I traveled Tuesday and Wednesday, arriving home early this morning around 1:00. I was sleepy when I arrived at work today. My job is a little like a Grand Prix - many twists and turns, braking and accelerating, bumping into things, putting out engine fires, and going full speed for about 11 hours a day. I usually eat my lunch at my desk and then go home to let my pup, Frances, out for a few minutes. I tell myself this is a great way to take a break, but usually I'm racing home and back to work so I'm not late for a 1:00 meeting. Honestly, I've been feeling a little unbalanced lately. Today's prompt gave me an excuse to try something new. 

Today I went home, made myself a salad and sat in this chair in the sun with this dog...

I tried to really taste my food. I thought about the hands that helped bring the food to my bowl and I felt connected and grateful.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

habit forming

Think Kit Day 10: What habits did you start this year that you would like to continue? 

I've been a vegetarian for 16 years, and have often thought about going vegan. I've seen Forks Over Knives, know about the China Study and am aware of the adverse effects eating animal protein have on my health. But when I thought about it, the idea of switching seemed daunting. Would I get enough protein? What would I have for dinner? What about pizza? Also, I would miss cheese.

Somewhere I heard about the book VBS (Vegan Before Six) written by the food journalist, Mark Bittman. What a great idea! I could eat vegan for breakfast and lunch and vegetarian for dinner. And that was the beginning. So far I'm averaging probably 6 days a week eating vegan during the day. Some weeks I can go all week, some I just can't resist the homemade goodies someone has brought into work that surely have milk or eggs in them. Because I'm vegan before six I am now visualizing what total vegan might look like. Who knows? Maybe I'll get there!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Surprise! I can't think of a catchy, original
title for this blog post.

Think Kit Day 9: What completely surprised you this year?

Embarrassingly, I was completely surprised at how great Paul McCartney was in concert. Of course he would be.

And Time for Three + ISO + Plastic Musik blew me away by playing A-Ha's Take On Me. It was perfect.

Other things that surprised me:
  • What is up with the Starks in the Game of Thrones? They remind me of the Kennedys. Well, in a violent, medieval way. 
  • And the Walking Dead? Can you believe he [vague spoiler free reference] is dead? That was the most interesting part about the show!
  • Matthew in Downton Abbey? You can't tell me you weren't surprised by that. And a little angry.
  • I can't believe our government. Seriously. I'm embarrassed at the behavior of our leaders.
  • Every Thanksgiving we hold hands while each one of us tells what we are thankful for. This year my dad cried, he couldn't even talk, which said so much. My mom was very sick this year - gratefully she is fine, it was a hard year for all of us. My dad's crying was sweet, and it really surprised me. 
  • My dog, Frances, has a injured spinal cord and her back legs don't work perfectly. She walks like a drunken sailor and most times has to be "helped" to go the bathroom. I have to carry her up the stairs in my apartment, because she can't climb them. She pees on me frequently when I pick her up. It surprises me every time. 
  • Again, I had another year of new friends, old friends, love, music, family, happiness, growth. I am so surprised that this happens year after year. Blessed I am.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I make my bed most days

Think Kit Day 8: What did you make this year?

Well this one ought to be easy. I don't make many "things". I'd love to, but I don't take the time to do it. And if I start making something I don't always finish it. Like this:

I love this, but I don't work for the boss I was going to give it to - so I have no motivation to finish. 

I have a Pinterest board full of things I'd like to make. And one full of things I'd like to make for dinner

I do make my bed most days, however. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

eyes wide open

Think Kit Day 7: What do you want your ______ to look like?

Almost every Saturday for the last 16 years I've spent 90 minutes with 80-100 of my most favorite people in the world. And I listen (well, I try). It's a truly powerful, humbling, sometimes irritating and most always inspiring experience. Most Saturdays I hear something that I can get behind - that's why I keep showing up. Today someone remarked that they tend to look at life through shit colored glasses. Shit colored glasses! Brilliant.

That started me thinking about my own "glasses".

I'd like my glasses to look like reality colored glasses more often. Sure, I wear them consistently when I'm looking at your life (so I imagine) - but when I'm looking at my life I tend to drag out the colored glasses. I'm going to put my colored glasses in the back of my underwear drawer and keep my reality colored glasses with me at all times.