Saturday, December 7, 2013

eyes wide open

Think Kit Day 7: What do you want your ______ to look like?

Almost every Saturday for the last 16 years I've spent 90 minutes with 80-100 of my most favorite people in the world. And I listen (well, I try). It's a truly powerful, humbling, sometimes irritating and most always inspiring experience. Most Saturdays I hear something that I can get behind - that's why I keep showing up. Today someone remarked that they tend to look at life through shit colored glasses. Shit colored glasses! Brilliant.

That started me thinking about my own "glasses".

I'd like my glasses to look like reality colored glasses more often. Sure, I wear them consistently when I'm looking at your life (so I imagine) - but when I'm looking at my life I tend to drag out the colored glasses. I'm going to put my colored glasses in the back of my underwear drawer and keep my reality colored glasses with me at all times.

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