Monday, December 2, 2013


Think Kit Day Two: Take a poll and share the results!

Question: Introvert Or Extrovert? Whichever you are provide one suggestion for the other group that would make you feel more comfortable.

Extrovert - 7
Extrovert with Social Anxiety - 1
Borderline Extrovert - 1
Both Introvert and Extrovert - 4
Introvert - 6
Pervert - 1

What the Extroverts want us to know:

Be open about your comfort level with groups, especially size
Just because we thrive on social interaction doesn't mean we don't enjoy small groups
I'm not trying to upset you, I just want to include you
I want to share my joy with you
I cannot keep a secret 
In social situations buddy up with one of us - it will take the pressure off you
Whatever, I'm happy!

What the Introverts want us to know:

Keep it down
Don't take it personally if I want to be alone or decline your invitation
And don't stop inviting me
I'm not ignoring you - I'm processing internally
I like you; I want to be alone

Other advice:

Embrace diversity and be yourself
Always wear a condom

I learned a bunch! I'm going to go hide under the covers now.