Thursday, December 5, 2013

sacred ground

Think Kit Day Five: Interview someone asking "What were your favorite and most defining moments of the last year?"

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Jacque. We met many years ago and became fast friends. Despite our physical separation of over 1,000 miles, we remain sisters.

Here are Jacque's favorite and most defining moments in the last year...
  1. I began taking online courses to become a nurse practitioner through Georgetown University. This was supposed to create direction in my life. Instead it taught me about my own limitations and lack of self discipline. I am not doing well as a masters candidate. I have reached a level in my life that I really have to work at to succeed. The rest of life gets in the way - parenting, work etc. I wish I could be just be a college student again.
  2. I sent my first born to start his junior year in college - soon he will make his own decisions, applying what he has learned. I must have done something right.
  3. My youngest son made the honor roll. This is especially sweet because he has struggled with a learning disability. He can now point to his accomplishments.
  4. I was living with my life partner and then he had to move -  and realizing that he is still my life partner. This process was long and hard - it sent me to places that my faith, family or friends couldn't reach. I have learned to be alone and slowly am learning how to be happy again.
  5. Instead of hiring out the work to build an earth friendly temazcal, I did much of the work myself. The work is difficult and very physical. I am amazed at myself and my body. I enjoyed working alone.
  6. Spirit provided me with the opportunity to hold space in quiet acceptance, receive compassion from others, and rejuvenate.
  7. I took a trip to Belize with my boys. I saw the future of their relationship and found happiness in watching.
  8. I held a temazcalli [sweat lodge] for my birthday. Attendees brought memories of a deceased love one and shared their grief. I include this because my lesson from spirit this year was about grief, depression, loss, loneliness and despair. And that even those times can be woven with faith, loyalty, love, connection and happiness.
"Did these moments change you?"
I am simply who I have always been. These events let me see what my being is made of. The small parts, the ethers, the walls. It let me touch strengths I did not know existed and showed me weakness I had avoided looking at. I still have my faith, but it gave me a raw, honest look at my being. I like what I saw.

[Tlazocomatli Sister. Much love to you.]

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