Monday, December 9, 2013

Surprise! I can't think of a catchy, original
title for this blog post.

Think Kit Day 9: What completely surprised you this year?

Embarrassingly, I was completely surprised at how great Paul McCartney was in concert. Of course he would be.

And Time for Three + ISO + Plastic Musik blew me away by playing A-Ha's Take On Me. It was perfect.

Other things that surprised me:
  • What is up with the Starks in the Game of Thrones? They remind me of the Kennedys. Well, in a violent, medieval way. 
  • And the Walking Dead? Can you believe he [vague spoiler free reference] is dead? That was the most interesting part about the show!
  • Matthew in Downton Abbey? You can't tell me you weren't surprised by that. And a little angry.
  • I can't believe our government. Seriously. I'm embarrassed at the behavior of our leaders.
  • Every Thanksgiving we hold hands while each one of us tells what we are thankful for. This year my dad cried, he couldn't even talk, which said so much. My mom was very sick this year - gratefully she is fine, it was a hard year for all of us. My dad's crying was sweet, and it really surprised me. 
  • My dog, Frances, has a injured spinal cord and her back legs don't work perfectly. She walks like a drunken sailor and most times has to be "helped" to go the bathroom. I have to carry her up the stairs in my apartment, because she can't climb them. She pees on me frequently when I pick her up. It surprises me every time. 
  • Again, I had another year of new friends, old friends, love, music, family, happiness, growth. I am so surprised that this happens year after year. Blessed I am.

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