Thursday, December 12, 2013

gimme a break

Think Kit Day 11: Try something new!

I traveled Tuesday and Wednesday, arriving home early this morning around 1:00. I was sleepy when I arrived at work today. My job is a little like a Grand Prix - many twists and turns, braking and accelerating, bumping into things, putting out engine fires, and going full speed for about 11 hours a day. I usually eat my lunch at my desk and then go home to let my pup, Frances, out for a few minutes. I tell myself this is a great way to take a break, but usually I'm racing home and back to work so I'm not late for a 1:00 meeting. Honestly, I've been feeling a little unbalanced lately. Today's prompt gave me an excuse to try something new. 

Today I went home, made myself a salad and sat in this chair in the sun with this dog...

I tried to really taste my food. I thought about the hands that helped bring the food to my bowl and I felt connected and grateful.

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